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Welcome Message from the Conference Chair

On behalf of the conference organizing committee and the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), we are pleased to welcome you to the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CSChE 2017), to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, October 22-25.

The conference theme is "Chemical Engineering – Future Solutions". We would like to emphasize this point by highlighting the vision of young colleagues who will help shape the future of Chemical Engineering in the next decades in a new plenary session entitled "Emerging Leaders in Chemical Engineering", where four?young professors holding a primary appointment in a Canadian Chemical Engineering Department for less than seven?years will present their grand view for the future of our profession in their area of expertise. We will also engage the chemical industry through a Panel Discussion on the Future of Energy coordinated by Joy Romero, Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), involving participants from industry, government and academia. Michael Crothers, Shell Canada Limited, will also bring his perspective on this topic in a Q&A Session open to all delegates attending the conference.

In addition to these special-format plenary sessions, CSChE 2017 will also host three distinguished plenary speakers from the USA, Europe, and Canada: Arun Majumdar, Stanford University,?USA,?founding director of advanced research projects agency- energy (ARPA-E), former Acting Under secretary of Energy under the Obama Government ?and former vice-president Energy for Google, Massimo Morbidelli ETH, Zurich, winner of the R.H Wilhelm award from AIChE and the Gerhard Damk?hler Medallie from the DECHEMA, and this year’s recipient of the R. S. Jane Award Memorial Award, Sirish Shah, University of Alberta.

We are also proud to recognize the achievements of several exceptional colleagues in five honour sessions: Archie Hamielec, McMaster University, H. Harmon Ray, University of Wisconsin, and Charles Cozewith, Exxon, the founding fathers of Polymer Reaction Engineering; Sirish Shah, University of Alberta,?for his contributions to Systems and Control; Jacob Masliyah, University of Alberta,?for his contributions to Heavy Oil Processing; Sieg Wan, University of Alberta, for his contributions to Chemical Reaction Engineering; and Eddy Isaacs, formerly from Alberta Innovates,?for his contributions to Heavy Oil Processing. In addition, we are honoured to recognize the life time contributions of our dear late colleague Khaled Belkacemi, Université?Laval,?in a memorial session that will gather colleagues and former students to celebrate his many contribution to Green Chemistry.

Fifteen regular sessions will complete this exciting conference program: Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering; Carbon Reduction and Utilization; Chemical Engineering Education; Chemical Engineering Fundamentals; Colloids and Interfacial Sciences; Conventional andUnconventional Energy Sources; Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering; Environmental Engineering and Waste Management/Oil Spill Recovery; Industrial Multiphase Flow; Macromolecular Sciences and Engineering; Micro and Nanofluids; Nanotechnology; Process Safety and Risk Management; Reaction Engineering and Catalysis; and Systems and Control; Upgrading and Tailings Reduction. We are planningmany events for undergraduate and graduate students, including a Graduate student elevator pitch.

We would like to acknowledge the help we received from many colleagues and students during the organization of this event. Special thanks go to the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta for providing us with the time and logistic support to organize this conference, to our colleagues across Canada and abroad who worked hard as session organizers to ensure we attracted outstanding oral and poster presentations, to the many enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate student volunteers who put together an excellent student program, and to our industrial sponsors for their kind contributions, support, and useful suggestions. Finally, we are thankful to the professional support we received from the outstanding CIC team in the Ottawa office, who worked daily with us to make sure all the fine organizational details of the 67th CCEC were met in a timely fashion.

Jo?o Soares,?Conference Chair, University of Alberta
Arvind Rajendran,?Technical Program Chair, University of Alberta
Shaffiq Jaffer, Industrial Program Chair, Total?

Message from CSChE President

On behalf of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the heart of western Canada in Edmonton, Alberta for our annual conference on October 22-25, 2017. This 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference occurs on Canada’s 150th anniversary and as such; is a special celebration for chemical engineering in Canada.

Edmonton is a spectacular location for this historic meeting with its strong industrial chemical and petroleum base working in collaboration with the academic and government research community.

There will be special symposia in recognition of Canadian chemical engineering leaders including Archie Hamielec, Polymer Reaction Engineering; Sirish Shah, Process Systems and Process Control; Jacob Masliyah, Heavy Oil Processing; Sieg Wanke, Chemical Reaction Engineering; and Eddy Isaacs, Alberta Innovates – Heavy Oil. These symposia will bring together international experts in these respective fields to complement the overall outstanding program organized by Joao Soāres (Conference Chair), Arvind Rajendran (Technical Program Chair) and Shaffiq Jaffer (Industrial Program Chair).

The conference will feature four plenary lectures related to the theme Future Solutions, which will focus on energy, internet and process systems engineering as well as CSChE award lectures. ?The conference promises to be an exciting blend of subjects in areas such as energy, advanced materials, nanotechnology, and environment including carbon reduction, waste management, and oil spill recovery. The conference is forecast to draw more than 1,000 national and international chemical engineering researchers and practioners to enhance scientific understanding by providing a discussion forum for this global gathering.

I would like to especially recognize the hard working organizing and technical program committees of the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and a special thanks to the University of Alberta for their support and commitment.

As a Society, we continue to work towards member engagement. Over the next several years, CSChE will initiate more local events through energizing local sections and student chapters. It will be an exciting time for all of us! We hope to inspire you in Edmonton by exploring how we can use chemical engineering as the driver of future solutions that help make the world better. We look forward to seeing you.

Uttandaraman (U.T.) Sundararaj,?CSChE President

Welcome Message from the Student Organizing Committees

On behalf of the graduate and undergraduate student organizing committees, the chemical engineering department at the University of Alberta, and the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), we are pleased to welcome you to the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference.

In accordance with this year’s theme,?Chemical Engineering - Future Solutions, we’ve organized a series of workshops and industry tours that we hope will showcase some of the future engineering technologies, as well as raise awareness of the opportunities available to the chemical engineers of?tomorrow.?The competitions will help you hone your presentation skills and to share your ideas with fellow students. From the workshop series, you can also obtain knowledge on how to increase your academic prowess and prepare for a career in academia.?We have worked hard to create a program to complement and enhance your career and education. Our ultimate goal is for you to network, learn, and participate in the many conference events that are here to ignite your interest in the academic, social, and technical knowledge that will promote your growth as a well-rounded engineer.

Thank you for coming to the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, we sincerely hope that you enjoy this year’s programs and warmly welcome you to?the?diverse and exciting city of Edmonton.

Kyle Cugnet-Huber, Undergraduate Student Co-Chair
Jiachen (Kevin) He, Undergraduate Student Co-Chair
Ananthan Santhanakrishnan, Graduate Student Chair