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On behalf of the graduate and undergraduate student organizing committees, the Department of Chemical Engineering?at the University of Alberta, and the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), we are pleased to welcome you to the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference.

In accordance with this year’s theme,?Chemical Engineering - Future Solutions, we’ve organized a series of workshops, and industry tours that we hope will showcase some of the future engineering technologies, as well as raise awareness of the opportunities available to the chemical engineers of tomorrow.?The competitions will help you hone your presentation skills and to share your ideas with fellow students.?We have worked hard to create a program to complement and enhance your career and education. ?Our ultimate goal is for you to network, learn, and participate in the many conference events that are here to ignite your interest in the academic, social, and technical knowledge that will promote your growth as a well-rounded engineer.

Thank you for coming to the 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, we sincerely hope that you enjoy this year’s programs and warmly welcome you to the diverse and exciting city of Edmonton. ?

Kyle Cugnet-Huber
Undergraduate Student Co-Chair

Jiachen (Kevin) He
Undergraduate Student Co-Chair

Graduate Student Chair