Organizing Committee

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Jo?o Soares,?Conference Chair, University of Alberta
Arvind Rajendran,?Technical Program Chair, University of Alberta
Shaffiq Jaffer, Industrial Program Chair, Total?
Nathalie Tufenkji,?CSChE Treasurer, McGill University
Brian Lowry,?CSChE Director of Conferences, University of New Brunswick

Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) National Office

Roland Andersson,?Executive Director
Joan Kingston,?Director, Finance and Operations
Bernadette Lockyer,?Director, Communications and Marketing
Gale Thirlwall,?Awards and Local Section Manager
Penny Warne,?Technical Projects Leader
Krista Leroux,?Manager, Creative Services
Kyra Van Den Bos, Editorial Manager, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Christopher Muldoon,?Industry Development Leader
Laura Reyes,?Career Development Leader?
Emily Connolly, Membership and Events Coordinator
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