Student Workshop: Exploring the World of Process Safety Management

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Sunday, October 22, 2017
SCC, Salon 13/14

What is process safety? How is it related to Chemical Engineering and why is it important for all chemical engineers to be knowledgeable of the hazards and risks at their workplace? We discuss all that and more in this interactive workshop. Together, we will work through the thought process involved in making risk-based decisions to help prevent loss of life, property, and reputation while working with explosive, flammable, toxic and other hazardous materials and processes. We will also explore the various careers within the Process Safety Management industry and how its risk-based decision-making concepts can be applied to every facet of a chemical facility’s operations.

Speaker Bios

Amanda Sistilli, P.Eng.

Amanda is a Process Safety Specialist for ERCO Worldwide at the Toronto head office. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 2011 and started with ERCO as a process engineer-in-training, spending two years working at ERCO’s plant sites. She gained an appreciation for the challenges plants face in balancing production needs with safe operations. Amanda’s professional interests lie in leadership development, team collaboration, and safe process design. She enjoys the opportunities that her job gives her to collaborate with the plant employees in evaluating and improving their safety management systems and process operations. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys dragon boating, hiking, playing violin and indoor rock climbing.

Parnian Jadidian

Parnian graduated from University of Toronto in 2011 and started out her career as a Junior Process Engineer at the Shaw Group before deciding to venture into the field of risk management. She worked for 5 years in this field as a Loss Prevention Consultant at FM Global and as a Senior Consultant at Global Risk Consultants. Her role involved identifying and evaluating fire, explosion and other loss potential at industrial and commercial facilities, estimating the monetary loss that may occur as a result of the incident, and identifying and implementing solutions to mitigate or reduce the potential loss. Since January 2017, Parnian has returned to University of Toronto to complete a combined Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Education. Her project focuses on implementing safety and risk management education into the engineering curriculum. In her spare time, Parnian studies and promotes gender equality, reads fiction, and enjoys biking and running.????